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To compliment Hlemmur Square in the same spirit, personalized service, outstanding food and warmth,  we opened our restaurant Pylsa/Pulsa in  the fall of 2015. It was inspired by the lack of artisanal sausages in modern Reykjavik cuisine and therefore Pylsa/Pulsa became the first of its kind. The design best described as a European inspired living dining room, is most inviting and soothing and brings warmth to the restaurant. The restaurant collaborates with pylsumeistarinn or the sausage master a local artisanal sausage maker to bring the most creative food alive. Our staff will go out of their way to provide exceptional service and make sure your dining experience is as memorable as possible.

Our bar is served by some of the finest mixologists in Reykjavik with a multi-award winning head mixologist. The bar also has a great selection of beers and ales with something new every month.


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Hlemmur Square

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Hlemmur Square, a luxury hostel and hotel opened in the middle of 2013 to welcome its first guests. It has always been an establishment that welcomed all walks of life to its premises and has prided itself in its personalized service and great environment in the hotel, hostel, bar as well as the bar and now in our new restaurant. The vibrant colors, an inspiration of the neighborhoods historical buildings have enlightened the design of the property.

Pylsa/Pulsa is a place to relax and enjoy peace and tranquility while still feeling the vibrant atmosphere of Hlemmur Square.

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